Fitness. So this section will gradually be filled up by my amazing fitness stories + a weekly weight record from my local Boots. Probably more of the latter to be honest.....

Incidentally, someone asked me the other day why I was weighing myself in Boots, as surely it would make me weigh more. It took me a minute or two before I realised....
Anyhow, I'll keep a diary of my shrinking weight, my consistent steps AND the odd random comment right here so this is probably the best place to start if you're just dipping into the blog now and again.

Wednesday 1st July

First day as a slimmie and I smash the steps record. Worked at Sainsbury's in the morning then out for a round of golf with Mat in the afternoon. Legs have gone tonight mind but 27,553 steps is a huge total, it's almost 12 miles of walking today.

Glad it's over but happy I feel so much better for it.

Tuesday 30th June

Final official day of the challenge was a quiet one! No set walk, just a collection of steps from work and around the home to finish off with. Tomorrow has work + a round of golf so might have been a better day to end it! 

Steps - 5,441   Distance - 2.5 miles

Monday 29th June

DX + shopping in the morning, then another North Common walk in the late afternoon. One more day to go, and looking like I'm only going to miss one day's target out of 366. 

Steps - 5,998   Distance - 3.0 miles

Sunday 28th June

Back to my first Opta game in three and a half months. Parking was reserved at Ashton Gate so no walk to the ground; ended up going to pay rent & around North Common in the late afternoon.

Steps - 6,525   Distance - 3.3 miles

Saturday 27th June

Last shift of the week saw 10.5k steps then made first trip to Ikea for many months. Long queue outside then more steps inside... good day. 

Steps - 16,143   Distance - 6.6 miles

Friday 26th June

Another piping hot day today. Fifth shift running + DX managed to get me over the 12k steps. Last day tomorrow until Wednesday, will enjoy the lie ins. Also went through the 3.5 million steps barrier this morning.

Steps - 12,225   Distance - 5.2 miles

Thursday 25th June

Usual day again really, even hotter than yesterday at 90 degrees. Worked in morning, DX + shopping. Weighed in a pound lighter too.

Steps - 11,911   Distance - 4.8 miles

Wednesday 24th June

Today's steps were from Sainsbury's (third shift in a row) + DX + popping into Kingswood then helping to move Ryan's stuff from his Uni digs. Hottest day of the year too, 88 degs. 

Steps - 13,075   Distance - 5.6 miles

Tuesday 23rd June

Average number of steps at work, popped back in for a little shopping & to see Johnny Webb at the unit.

Steps - 12,300   Distance - 5.3 miles

Monday 22nd June

Small number of steps at work this morning, only just over 8k in the end. Added to it with some pocket steps later on in the afternoon.

Steps - 11,282   Distance - 4.8 miles

Sunday 21st June

Just a short walk around North Common tonight to end a week of 4 5k step totals + 3 over 12.5k, a mixed week. This coming week, six successive Sainsbury shifts will leave little time or energy for additional walks.

Steps - 5,781   Distance - 3.2 miles

Saturday 20th June

Sainsbury's working in the morning and Sainsbury's shopping in the evening was all my steps today! 

Steps - 11,871   Distance - 4.9 miles

Friday 19th June

Sainsbury's shift in the morning then off to Southampton to move Harry out of his uni room. Shattered, but a decent number again.

Steps - 12,858   Distance - 5.6 miles

Thursday 18th June

A real bits and bobs day with DX, phone in pocket around the house and a quick walk around North Common in the evening.

Weighed in the same again.

Steps - 5,901   Distance - 3.0 miles

Wednesday 17th June

Sainsbury's this morning chipped in the bulk of the steps, then went shopping there in the afternoon for the rest!

Steps - 13,322   Distance - 5.8 miles

Tuesday 16th June

Another day short of steps, finished off by a brief walk around Southway Drive etc.

Steps - 5,240   Distance - 2.6 miles

Monday 15th June

After 66k steps in just five days, crept over the 5k target today when I went to bed! Doesn't hurt to have a quiet day now and again. 

Steps - 5,014   Distance - 2.6 miles

Sunday 14th June

Third week running, I did the riverside walk. Bit drizzly at times but had a twinge in my knee so only just broke the 3 hour mark. 

Steps - 20,036   Distance - 10.6 miles

Saturday 13th June

Sainsbury's this morning was really busy, left with 10.7k steps in the bank by 7.30am. Popped to do a little shopping in Kingswood too.

Steps - 12,729   Distance - 5.3 miles

Friday 12th June

Sainsbury's this morning, 10.5 steps again. This is great, now being paid to walk! 

Steps - 12,717   Distance - 5.4 miles

Thursday 11th June

An early start today as I got in a cheeky 3k walk before DX after waking up early. Brief shopping trip too.

Weighed in level again.

Steps - 6,788   Distance - 3.3 miles

Wednesday 10th June

Worked at Sainsbury's this morning and had completed 10k steps by 7.30am!! Shopping later in the morning too.

Steps - 12,995   Distance - 5.6 miles

Tuesday 9th June

No walk at all today, the steps were accrued by sorting out my football programmes in and around the back garden. 

Steps - 5,564   Distance - 2.5 miles

Monday 8th June

An evening walk around North Common was it for today!

Steps - 5,340   Distance - 2.8 miles

Sunday 7th June

Completed the riverside walk again this morning plus a little bit on the end. Glorious day for it, and added some steps around the garden later on. It's the eleventh time in the challenge that I've topped 20k steps.

Steps - 20,996   Distance - 11.3 miles

Saturday 6th June

Day 2 at Sainsbury's was busier and saw over 8k steps. Went back in the afternoon & did some shopping, recording biggest total since last Sunday. 

Steps - 10,988   Distance - 4.6 miles

Friday 5th June

5k steps done in record time this morning, by 7am, as we started new job at Sainsbury's. Only other walking was down to post office in the afternoon.

Steps - 7,587   Distance - 3.4 miles

Thursday 4th June

Southway Drive was the destination again for the third day running. Weighed in a pound lighter which was good news after four weeks maintaining.

Steps - 6,202   Distance - 3.1 miles

Wednesday 3rd June

A quiet week continued with just a walk around Southway Drive tonight + a couple of walking phone calls to include. Weather turned cooler today with some drizzle too. 

Steps - 5,496   Distance - 2.9 miles

Tuesday 2nd June

A trip to the tip this afternoon with some rubbish provided a few steps this afternoon + the short walk up to Southway Drive in the evening topped it off.

Steps - 5,761   Distance - 2.9 miles

Monday 1st June

Really busy day today so had to settle for a couple of walks during phone calls + shopping in the morning. 

Steps - 5,475   Distance - 2.6 miles

Sunday 31st May

Yesterday's walk was so good that I did it again today, but reversing the route. Added a little bit on to collect a paper from McColls but essentially the same walk.  Just as nice, still very warm and good to get back-to-back 10-milers in for the first time.

Steps - 19,712   Distance - 10.8 miles

Saturday 30th May

Probably the most enjoyable walk I've done in ages. Down the cycle path to the picnic area, then walking along the river all the way to Chequers, up the hill, aside the ring road then back through Longwell Green.

Very warm, but such a pretty walk.

Steps - 19,418   Distance - 10.4 miles

Friday 29th May

Went on a slightly different walk around Oldland tonight, down to the river at Court Road & back up by the school.

Steps - 5,687   Distance - 3.1 miles

Thursday 28th May

Walked round to drop in the rent this afternoon then a shopping trip this evening. Most steps since last weekend, and my legs felt it too - amazing how tired they were tonight!

Steps - 7,386   Distance - 3.7 miles

Wednesday 27th May

Evening walk to North Common and back, another warm day.

Steps - 6,252   Distance - 3.2 miles

Tuesday 26th May

Local walk again today, just around Southway Drive & back along the cycle path. So warm at the moment, and need a haircut desperately.

Steps - 5,322   Distance - 2.6 miles

Monday 25th May

Another Bank Holiday and managed most of the steps by shopping & then a walk along to North Common & back before teatime.

Steps - 5,080   Distance - 2.5 miles

Sunday 24th May

Apart from a trip to the post office this morning, no steps from walks today. Cleared out the shed this afternoon (with phone in pocket) and that got me to the 5k target.

Steps - 5,105   Distance - 2.4 miles

Saturday 23rd May

Out just after 7am in perfect walking conditions so did the Bird In Hand/Jolly Sailor/Swineford walk. Lovely fresh wind, bright sunshine, really enjoyable.

Steps - 13,810   Distance - 7.4 miles

Friday 22nd May

Sorted out the front room & rear porch with my phone in my pocket which helped, then walked to give blood at North Common village hall.

Steps - 6,623   Distance - 3.0 miles

Thursday 21st May

Same route as yesterday, just to get over the 5k. This is going to be the lowest steps for a week for a long time, just not feeling like a longer walk right now. 

Weighed in level again for the third week running. With the lack of steps and extra food, that's a good result. 

Steps - 5,589   Distance - 2.8 miles

Wednesday 20th May

Shopping in the morning then a short walk late afternoon around Southway Drive and back along the cycle path & Redfield Edge School.

Steps - 6,546   Distance - 3.3 miles

Tuesday 19th May

An afternoon walk again today & it took me via the Griffin, Warmley Tea Rooms and back along the cycle path.

Steps - 7,854   Distance - 3.8 miles

Monday 18th May

Shopping in the morning & the usual stroll around North Common & Cadbury Heath in the afternoon were the only steps today.

Steps - 7,568   Distance - 4.1 miles

Sunday 17th May

Did a similar walk to a fortnight ago via Mangotsfield station, Staple Hill, Fishponds & back through Kingswood, just a couple of tweaks. Started in cool, ended quite warm and minus a jacket.

Steps - 21,305   Distance - 11.8 miles

Saturday 16th May

Down the busy railway path to Bitton then back home via Willsbridge Mill and the old Warmley Golf Course. Haven't done this one for a while...

Steps - 8,378   Distance - 4.4 miles

Friday 15th May

A short evening walk around North Common and Cadbury Heath tonight.

Steps - 6,925   Distance - 3.5 miles

Thursday 14th May

Just a short walk down to Bitton Station and back, via Court Road as the cycle path was so busy! Have also decided to try to finish with a flourish by doing a 5k run every day in June - hopefully to lose a stone to get to a six stone loss, but also to get the steps up. The average Couch 25k day is around 12k steps.

Weighed in at the same again, so still a five stone loss. 

Steps - 5,962   Distance - 3.1 miles

Wednesday 13th May

Shopping in the morning + a new walk in the evening; to the top of Jarrett's field & back down then along the cycle path from Victoria Road.

Steps - 5,443   Distance - 3.0 miles

Tuesday 12th May

Finished Couch 25k today with the quickest run yet on the railway path, 32 min 14 sec. Could have been quicker but had to walk a few times. Started the stopwatch on the initial run section so 2 mins quicker on the first mile.

Poor diet at the moment, need to sort that out quickly before I start gaining weight again.

Steps - 12,062   Distance - 6.4 miles

Monday 11th May

After yesterday's trek, decided to just go down to Bitton Station and back this afternoon. Still busy on the cycle track though.

Steps - 6,258   Distance - 3.5 miles

Sunday 10th May

Despite it clouding over, managed to get a long walk done today with no rain. Up through Upton Cheyney to Lansdown Golf Club, Bath Racecourse, down through North Stoke & Swineford then back along the river to the Bird In Hand and home.

Steps - 23,251   Distance - 11.9 miles

Saturday 9th May

Shopping in the morning, then in the evening, walked down to Bitton Station on a walk I used to do so regularly.

Steps - 8,088   Distance - 4.0 miles

Friday 8th May

Bank Holiday for VE Day, no work, so completed Couch 25k Week 9 Run 2 quite early, ran on past Bird In Hand in the end, really enjoyable.

Up and down the ladder into the loft clocked up a couple of thousand steps in the afternoon too.

Steps - 15,841   Distance - 8.8 miles

Thursday 7th May

Evening walk around North Common/Cadbury Heath tonight, only just got over the steps as had a busy day.

Also, weighed in at the same weight as last week, the best I could hope for after a bad week food-wise. 

Steps - 5,616   Distance - 2.9 miles

Wednesday 6th May

Made the mistake of leaving the Couch 25k run until 4pm. Tired, very warm outside & no fuel in the lega led to a 36 minute + time, surprised it wasn't worse. On the plus side, managed to run to Keynsham Station overflow car park, so a good range.

Steps - 12,389   Distance - 6.9 miles

Tuesday 5th May

Another evening walk to save target, this time around North Common and Cadbury Heath again.

Steps - 7,812   Distance - 4.2 miles

Monday 4th May

Not the best day for eating, especially in the evening with a Domino's but hey ho! Did the final run of Week 8 and clocked the usual 33 min time, not improving or getting worse, just staying steady.

Steps - 11,582   Distance - 6.6 miles

Sunday 3rd May

Set out on this morning's walk and bumped into Anthony Goodwin, great to meet him for a quick chat. He was on his way to Bath, told me to "keep going" so I ended up continuing for 10.5 miles,

Went via Mangotsfield station, Fishponds, Kingswood & Cadbury Heath. Lovely walk too. 

Steps - 18,864   Distance - 10.5 miles

Saturday 2nd May

A really lovely walk this morning. Down to Bitton then around the church, back along Golden Valley to Wick & back home. Great scenery and gorgeous weather too.

Steps - 16,112   Distance - 8.7 miles

Friday 1st May - my birthday!

Late walk this afternoon to get the steps up. Did the Griffin / Warmley Tea Rooms & back one which is 5k exactly. In bed by 9.15pm though as felt a little ill.

Steps - 7,768   Distance - 4.2 miles

Thursday 30th April

Got Week 8 Run 2 out of the way this morning in a good time in the pouring rain. Weighed in a pound lighter which means I've achieved the five stone mark now, later than hoped but still done. Happy with that, might try to lose one more stone before the year is up.

Steps - 12,735   Distance - 7.2 miles

Wednesday 29th April

Walked a route around North Common & Cadbury Heath this morning in the drizzle, felt a bit short of energy too for the second Wednesday running which was strange.

Steps - 6,163   Distance - 3.3 miles

Tuesday 28th April

Started Couch 25k week 8 today with a 28-minute run. Took it steady and clocked the usual time, not bad as it was drizzling all the way round.

Steps - 11,236   Distance - 6.4 miles

Monday 27th April

Took until the evening to get over the target. Shopping in the morning, then did a circular route via Southway Drive and Cadbury Heath then West Street & home.

Steps - 7,631   Distance - 4.1 miles

Sunday 26th April

Up and out of the door by 8.30am for an 8-mile walk; Asda - Hicks Gate - Keynsham and home. Nice morning for it too.

Walked down the PO when I got back for a paper.

Steps - 14,911   Distance - 8.5 miles

Saturday 25th April

Finished Week 7 of Couch 25k with a new personal best. Decided to run on the road through Bitton & then along Golden Valley Lane as it was quieter than the railway path, and it wa an inspired move, clocking 31.28 for the 5k.

Steps - 12,026   Distance - 7.0 miles

Friday 24th April

Another quiet day with just a walk around to Westcourt Drive via Oldland PO + shopping. 

Steps - 5,662   Distance - 3.0 miles

Thursday 23rd April

Much better day. Did Run of Week 7 and came within 2 seconds of a PB then weighed in and found I was three pounds lighter. Just a pound off 5 stone now and 10 months is up next Friday.

Steps - 11,230   Distance - 6.4 miles

Wednesday 22nd April

Not a great day today. Went out for a quick walk around the fields behind the house and really struggled energy wise. After 1.5 miles, gave up & came home, went straight to bed and slept for an hour. No energy at all.

Steps - 5,911   Distance - 2.8 miles

Tuesday 21st April

Started Week 7 of Couch 25k today with a 25 minute run. Struggled as no fuel in the tank, but just about finished before the 35 minute mark. Did a shop too at Sainsbury's so a good number today in the end.

Steps - 12,209   Distance - 6.38 miles

Monday 20th April

After two hard days in a row, opted for a shorter walk today, just to Coles Printers. Went via the main road rather than railway path as has been so busy lately.

Steps - 8,402   Distance - 4.5 miles

Sunday 19th April

Lovely weather back again so went for a gruelling 9 mile walk this afternoon. Redfield Hill, Upton Cheyney, up to Lansdown Golf Club, Bath Racecourse then back home via North Stoke, Swineford and Bitton. 

Very hard work but some fantastic views.

Steps - 18,852   Distance - 10.2 miles

Saturday 18th April

Did a shorter, more intense walk this afternoon. Headed down to Bitton station then along to Swineford, up the footpath to Upton Cheyney, along towards Wick then up Beach Hill and home. Very hilly, climbed 29 floors!

Steps - 13,058   Distance - 7.0 miles

Friday 17th April

Weather turned today and it was drizzling by the time I gotout in the late afternoon. Completed Week 6 with a 25-minute run and managed to get the 5k done inside the session quite easily (33 min 45 sec).

Really quiet on the path too, very pleased with the run.

Steps - 11,998   Distance - 6.7 miles

Thursday 16th April

Weighed in this morning another pound lighter which I'll take. That's 4 stone 10 pounds off now in total.

Quicker and shorter walk today as long Couch 25k tomorrow. Just went to North Common and back through Cadbury Heath. 

Steps - 6,555   Distance - 3.5 miles

Wednesday 15th April

Couch 25k again today with 2 x 10 min runs either side of the brisk walks. Planned to see how much of a Parkrun I could fit in to the 33 minute session, answer was, most of it. Going to give it a go on Friday when I have a 35 minute session.

Steps - 10,117   Distance - 5.8 miles

Tuesday 14th April

Wanted a quieter day after a while of Couch 25k's and long walks, so just strolled to Warmley Tea Rooms and back. Shopping in the morning helped bump the total up a little.

Steps - 8,191   Distance - 4.4 miles

Easter Monday 13th April

Week 6 of Couch 25k started today and the first run was a consolidation one, 2 x 5 min plus an 8 min run. Leggy today after two long walks in past three days but coped okay.

Steps - 12,176   Distance - 6.8 miles

Sunday 12th April

Off out early again and another big walk in the tank. Went north for a change, going along the cycle path to Warmley, Mangotsfield, Staple Hill & Fishponds then back through Kingswood, Hanham & Longwell Green.

Lovely weather too.

Steps - 20,670   Distance - 11.6 miles

Saturday 11th April

Finished Week 5 of Couch 25k this morning, a day late after I got the days mixed up! Completed a 20-minute run, just about managed it. Pleased with how it's gone overall though.

Steps - 12,226   Distance - 6.8 miles

Good Friday 10th April

Did the Toolstation Western League "plodcast" this morning, taking about 3 hours to complete Oldland - Bitton - Keynsham - Brislington - Longwell Green - Cadbury Heath route of around 11 miles.

Good stuff from Ian Nockolds on Twitter backing it, might give another one a go in the week with Cribbs, Hallen etc. 

Steps - 18,461   Distance - 11.6 miles

Thursday 9th April

Managed to get a good number of steps today without going out (almost!). Johnny Webb rang for a chat so went round Oldland rec so not to disturb the boys and walked 3 miles!!

Steps - 8,069   Distance - 4.0 miles

Wednesday 8th April

Weather is still really good which isn't helping folk stick to the lockdown restrictions! 

Today, completed Week 5, Day 2 of Couch 25k which was two eight minute runs either side of a 5 minute walk. As always, hard work but managed it.

Steps - 12,330   Distance - 6.8 miles

Tuesday 7th April

Almost the first day in a while with no "boots on" steps but had to post some letters late afternoon and walked down to PO again.

Steps - 6,028   Distance - 2.7 miles

Monday 6th April

Started Week 5 of Couch 25k this morning; three 5 minute runs included which were again hard but manageable.  Also walked down to PO later on.

Steps - 11,429   Distance - 6.4 miles

Sunday 5th April

A much more restrained day today although got out early again. Walked along to the Griffin, down to the Tea Rooms and back home via the long way & Oldland PO.

Steps - 7,319   Distance - 4.0 miles

Saturday 4th April

Smashed the steps/distance record this morning. Got up, felt good, made sure I "social distanced" all the way around and clocked up 13.5 miles, nearly 25k steps.

Basic route was home - Bitton station - Keynsham - Brislington - St Annes - along the river to Chequers Inn - back through Longwell Green & Willsbridge to the station and home. All in lovely sunshine too!

Steps - 27,880   Distance - 15.1 miles

Friday 3rd April

Finished week 4 of Couch25k, a good week. Now running more than walking (16 minutes total) and feelng fairly good for it too. 

Parkrun is unlikely to be reinstated in time for 9th May so will just re-run Week 9 each week till it returns. 

Steps - 11,039   Distance - 6.0 miles

Thursday 2nd April

Walked to Warmley Tea Rooms & back at lunchtime, lovely weather again. In the evening, did a shorter walk to McColls to pick up some squash.

Weighed in and stayed the same this week. Not disappointed really as dailylife is up in the air right now, but at least it wasn't a gain.

Steps - 10,200   Distance - 5.3 miles

Wednesday 1st April

Day two of Couch25k's fourth week. Hard work again but nailed it and getting used to running the longer distances.

Steps - 10,842   Distance - 5.9 miles

Tuesday 31st March

Quiet day really and as a result, steps were down. Did the Warmley Golf/Willsbridge Mill walk but at times, a bit awkward to keep the 2 metre distance from others.

Steps - 8,466   Distance - 4.5 miles

Monday 30th March

Week 4 of Couch25k starts today, and it now involves 16 minutes of running. Was hard at times, and probably undid a lot of the hard work by having a pizza for tea. Struggling with the eating again this week, unlikely to be a loss.

Steps - 11,301   Distance - 6.1 miles

Sunday 29th March

Bird In Hand walk completed this morning, but finished off by going via McColls for some shopping. Quieter on the cycle path today, people staying away as the 2 metre rule is difficult to observe.

Steps - 15,321   Distance - 8.6 miles

Saturday 28th March

Just about the earliest walk I've done so far, out of the house by 7.10am and 5.6 miles in the bag by 9am. Went along towards Siston section of path and back via Warmley Bakehouse (yum yum!).

Steps - 11,890   Distance - 6.4 miles

Friday 27th March

Final day of Week 3 of Couch25k, much easier today although a lot of railway path traffic. Last day of normal DX deliveries too, so will have to exercise earlier or much later.

Steps - 11,491   Distance - 6.1 miles

Thursday 26th March

Created a new walk today; turned right, up Redfield Hill, around to Bitton, through the village & Willsbridge to Longwell Green, California Road, Warmley golf and home. 

Weighed in at home as going to Boots would be irresponsible. Two pounds lost this week which I'm happy with.

Another sunny day, very quiet again though due to the lockdown. 

Steps - 13,563   Distance - 7.3 miles

Wednesday 25th March

Day two of Week 3 of Couch 25k which was hard, I cannot lie. Struggled with the long runs but still managed it. Nice day weather wise, third or fourth sunny day in a row.

Steps - 12,841   Distance - 6.6 miles

Tuesday 24th March

Goverment have limited everyone to one form of exercise a day so obviously I'll continue walking. Did the walk to Warmley Tea Rooms but didn't feel great so returned back home.

Quiet day otherwise, lower number of steps as a result.

Steps - 9,003   Distance - 4.7 miles

Monday 23rd March

Excitement in the house today as week 3 of Couch25k starts. Stepping up to 2 x 3 minute runs within the session which was hard but a necessary evil. 

Took a phone call while on the walk so stayed out for an extra half an hour which boosted the steps number nicely.

Steps - 15,763   Distance - 8.2 miles

Sunday 22nd March

Got out early and did the Willsbridge Mill walk finishing by 9.30am. Later in the day, picked up another 2k steps tidying the front garden.

Steps - 10,059   Distance - 5.3 miles

Saturday 21st March

No football today as the coronavirus kicks in to the football programme. Took the opportunity to go to Clevedon for a round of golf with Harry & Ryan; lovely sunny day but very windy indeed.

Steps - 11,726   Distance - 5.3 miles

Friday 20th March

Third day of Couch25k's second week completed without too much trouble although legs felt heavy after yesterday's binge. 

Steps - 12,260   Distance - 5.9 miles

Thursday 19th March

Got a flyer at DX this morning so managed to get out on the walk to Bath by 8.50am, real result as it meant I could catch the 11.07am train back. Weighed in a pound heavier which I'm gutted about. It's the food that is costing me at the moment as my step numbers have never been better. 

The rest of the day was poor eating-wise and just one to write off & to get back on to the straight & narrow tomorrow.

Steps - 20,082   Distance - 10.7 miles

Wednesday 18th March

Day 2/ Week 2 of Couch 2 5k this morning, which was completed without incident.  Few shop visits today as panic buying continues so another good number.

Steps - 18,246   Distance - 9.2 miles

Tuesday 17th March

Both Harry & Ryan came back from Uni this afternoon so got the walk in early, heading over to Coles Printers to pick up the programmes.  Didn't do DX in the evening but still a decent number. 

Steps - 11,103   Distance - 5.7 miles

Monday 16th March

Kicked off the day that broke the record for the step total by beginning Week 2 of Couch 2 5k. This week, it's 6 x 90 sec running/2 mins walking but felt okay again after the session.

In the evening, walked 7.6 miles with Jim Brown and Lisa around Bedminster/ the centre/ harbourside area, topping the previous best from 7th July.

Steps - 25,350   Distance - 14.2 miles

Sunday 15th March

First walk of the day was down to the post office to pick up a paper. Then later in the morning, and in the rain, did the Bitton Station/Willsbridge Mill/Warmley golf route back to front.

Dried up in the afternoon though. Inched over the 10k in the end.

Steps - 10,002   Distance - 5.3 miles

Saturday 14th March

Struggled for steps today, first time in a while. Went to Hungerford v Bath but parked close to the ground, ended up having to walk down to Premier to get steps over the target.

Steps - 5,130   Distance - 2.4 miles

Friday 13th March

A real unlucky day as Corona virus takes hold now with all PL, EFL and WL games postponed due to the spread of the contagian.

Being out in the fresh air though is still good, so completed the first week of Couch25k with the third run/walk of the week. 

Steps - 13,323   Distance - 7.1 miles

Thursday 12th March

Second training walk to Bath this morning along to Saltford then down to Bird In Hand and along railway path to the station. A couple of minutes slower than last week. Weighed in 2 pounds lighter which was a little disappointing but still a loss.


In the evening, went to "The Red Lion", a play starring Joe Sims, David Lloyd & Thomas McGee at the Old Vic. Parked in St Philips and walked, so ended up with a serious number of steps today.

Steps - 23,095   Distance - 12.9 miles

Wednesday 11th March

Second day of Couch25k this morning, again luckily in good weather. Found it a little harder but nothing I couldn't cope with. Nice to get moving a bit quicker too.

Steps - 12,777   Distance - 6.9 miles

Tuesday 10th March

Rest day today so back to usual way of accruing steps; DX morning and evening + shopping around Willowbrook Centre.

Steps - 5,569   Distance - 2.7 miles

Monday 9th March

Started the Couch To 5k this morning. Brisk walk down to Bitton station then switched the app on and followed Michael Johnson's instructions! Found it quite comfortable, won't always be like that.

Steps - 14,013   Distance - 7.4 miles

Sunday 8th March

Off out and completed the Bird In Hand walk before the boys woke up. Not great weather but another one in the bank.

Steps - 12,680   Distance - 7.9 miles

Saturday 7th March

A second quiet day today. Was working at Bristol City v Fulham today so parked by the Luckwell pub & walked; then off to Hengrove v Wells City for some more football & steps. 

Also went to Bath Spa to pick up Ryan for a surprise visit, but still didn't make 7k steps!

Steps - 6,533   Distance - 3.5 miles

Friday 6th March

Steps well down today as only a short walk, still a creditable number but looks worse as a lot of five figure totals lately!! 

Set up the "Couch25k" app this morning and also registered for Parkrun and set out a schedule. My friend Zoe is coming along on 9th May for my Parkrun debut so looking forward to that, just need to do the next 9 weeks now.

Today's walk was Bitton station & back, a quicker walk (33 mins)

Steps - 6,880   Distance - 3.6 miles

Thursday 5th March

Weigh-in day and after 35 weeks, the first week where I've stayed the same. Smashed the record for the number of steps, so it's clear that the issue is with the eating.

Going to plan a few things out later today but for now, walked to Coles Printers to pick up some programmes (in the rain!)

Steps - 11,035   Distance - 6.1 miles

Wednesday 4th March

A steadier today although still a good number of steps. Walked across to Cadbury Heath for their pitch inspection at lunchtime; also added in shopping and picking Harry up from Bath Spa station.

Steps - 11,282   Distance - 5.7 miles

Tuesday 3rd March

One of the most satisfying days of the challenge so far.

Decided the day before to walk to Bath and the weather was kind, quite warm at times. Took just under 2.5 hours to walk from the Lock Keeper to the Rec, Bath RFC's home, a distance of 8.4 miles. Train times didn't align so then did another mile or so walking around the city.

Steps - 22,143   Distance - 10.4 miles

Monday 2nd March

Did the Siston Common walk + loop today and it stayed dry for the whole walk, a bonus. Have booked a one way train ticket for tomorrow so looks like the walk to Bath will happen, just hoping the weather holds! 

Steps - 12,823   Distance - 7.4 miles

Sunday 1st March

Went on a training walk with Jimmy Brown + Wayne, Julie and Amanda. Left KFC in Winterstoke Rd & headed along river, up Bridge Valley, across Suspension Bridge and back through Ashton Court.

Weather was awful at 10.55am, fine by 11am! Lovely walk.

Steps - 12,677   Distance - 5.7 miles

Saturday 29th February

Very little football on today because of Storm Jorge so went to Lebeq v Bristol Telephones. Parked in flats in Woodlands Lane and walked up to the ground, adding a decent number of steps.

Steps - 6,766   Distance - 3.5 miles

Friday 28th February

Walked around to Westcourt Drive this morning and that was it for mileage today. Not going to be much more tomorrow, looking at the weather forecast but hoping to do a ten miler on Sunday with Jimmy Brown & pals. 

Steps - 6,479   Distance - 3.4 miles

Thursday 27th February

Early finish at DX allowed me to head out for the Bird In Hand walk and back home by 11am. Weighed in two pounds lighter, so back where I was two weeks ago.

Pleased with that really. 30 losses in 34 weeks are good figures, hopefully it can continue.

Steps - 16,402   Distance - 9.4 miles

Wednesday 26th February

No boots on miles today but still managed a decent amount of steps, mainly in & out of shops.

Steps - 8,213   Distance - 3.9 miles

Tuesday 25th February

Another walk in the rain today, over to Siston again but with a loop back over the ring road. Also went to Weston v Taunton at Keynsham in the evening which generated a few more steps. Eating slightly better.

Steps - 12,868   Distance - 7.3 miles

Monday 24th February

Really heavy rain all morning but managed to squeeze in a 4 mile walk out to Siston & back in between the showers.

Steps - 11,798   Distance - 6.4 miles

Sunday 23rd February

Out on the cycle path shortly after 8.30am in blowy conditions. Walked to the Bird then on the way back, diverted via Willsbridge Mill & Warmley Golf course making a decent walk for 2+ hours.

Steps - 15,545   Distance - 8.7 miles

Saturday 22nd February

Bristol City were home today, so parked away from the ground in Gores Marsh Rd, as train times didn't really fit. 

Steps - 6,464   Distance - 3.3 miles

Friday 21st February

A quieter day today with no boots on mileage. Walked down to the post office, and around Tesco's at tea time but that was really it.

Steps - 8,271   Distance - 3.9 miles

Thursday 20th February

Has been a bad week eating-wise so off out really early to try to lose a cheeky pound or two before the weigh-in. Was back from the Saltford stroll by 11am, then weighed in, unfortunately two pounds higher.

The rest of the day was good steps-wise but dreadful, eating-wise so I'm already a couple of pounds up this week, I guess.

Steps - 16,599   Distance - 9.7 miles

Wednesday 19th February

Cadbury Heath had a pitch inspection at lunchtime so walked across to the ground & back to see if the game was on. Otherwise, not much else.

Steps - 8,956   Distance - 4.8 miles

Tuesday 18th February

Two weeks without going to Saltford so decided to rectify that. Fields were incredibly flooded around the river (obviously!) and quite blowy again.

Steps - 14,950   Distance - 8.8 miles 

Monday 17th February

A good day today as for quite a bit of it, the sun was out! Walked to the Siston part of the cycle path which is a two mile stroll each way and a decent little walk. Has to be the aim to beat one hour for the distance, maybe.

Steps - 11,482   Distance - 6.4 miles

Sunday 16th February

Storm Dennis is still here and the only steps I managed was to walk back and to Cadbury Heath when dropping the boys off. Very blowy, very wet.

Steps - 6,047   Distance - 3.4 miles

Saturday 15th February

Another quiet day. Covered Reading v Man City under-18's at Bearwood but in the end, had to walk around the block in Oldland to creep over the 5k target, only just!

Steps - 5,010   Distance - 2.5 miles

Friday 14th February

Much quieter day with no boots on mileage & a big reduction in step totals as a result. 

Steps - 5,065   Distance - 2.5 miles

Thursday 13th February

Went for a stroll on the Willsbridge Mill route today. Very wet and muddy through the woods obviously, but that's still an enjoyable walk. Weighed in two pounds lighter again which is pleasing. 

 Picked Ryan up from the station later, so had a five figure total again. 

Steps - 12,432   Distance - 6.5 miles

Wednesday 12th February 

Bristol City v Derby tonight so went by train again to save myself money, hassle & stress. Very brisk walk back to the station afterwards!

Went thorough the 2 million step total today as well. 

Steps - 9,621   Distance - 4.6 miles

Tuesday 11th February

A quieter day today with shopping in the morning and Hengrove v Cheddar in the evening for my steps total. 

Steps - 8,640   Distance - 4.0 miles

Monday 10th February

Wow, the weather on today's walk was as bad as it's ever been. Walked 2 miles along the cycle path towards Emersons Green & on the way back, sheet rain and hail forced me to swerve into the Warmley Waiting Room for a bowl of soup!! 

Steps - 11,632   Distance - 6.5 miles

Sunday 9th February

Bristol City Women's game was postponed early due to Storm Ciara so got my walk out of the way before the storm got worse. Just went around North Common, enough to get to 5k steps.

Housework this afternoon with phone in pocket, topped the total up nicely.

Steps - 8,050   Distance - 4.0 miles

Saturday 8th February

Started the day by walking to Cadbury Heath FC & back with their programmes. Then off to Bishop Sutton v Hengrove afterwards, so another strong number of steps today.

Steps - 9,188   Distance - 4.7 miles

Friday 7th February

Was at Bristol City v Birmingham last night & decided to go by train, so had a decent amount of steps, albeit not the 10k+ of the last five days.

Worth the experiment, a good 2k steps either way from the station.

Steps - 9,224   Distance - 4.7 miles

Thursday 6th February

The fifth day in a row that I've gone over 10k steps and hadn't intended to. Initially, went to do the dinnertime dash but ended up continuing to Willsbridge Mill and completing that walk. A lovely day for the walk too, really enjoyed it.

Steps - 10,723   Distance - 5.7 miles

Wednesday 5th February

Back from DX early so straight out on a new walk, 7.25 miles long. Started on the cycle path & walked pretty much to Pomphrey Hill then back along the dramway alongside the ring road & home.

Weighed in at lunch time... two pounds lighter. Decent result, loads of steps but the eating has been quite up & down.


Steps - 17,881   Distance - 9.7 miles

Tuesday 4th February

Ached a bit after yesterday's evening walk but managed the Saltford stroll again, the third time in a week. Lovely day for it, and the third successive day of great numbers.

Steps - 15,048   Distance - 8.6 miles

Monday 3rd February

Worked at Swansea u23 v Newcastle u23 this afternoon then went out with Jim Brown and Hayley for my first walk with them training for Mikey's Walk in August. Great to have a different route & walking with someone for a change!

Steps - 16,474   Distance - 9.1 miles

Sunday 2nd February

Had four hours spare this afternoon so squeezed in a Saltford stroll to the Bird In Hand. Really good weather; not too cold/hot/windy, just right.

Steps - 15,239   Distance - 8.1 miles

Saturday 1st February

A quiet and unspectacular start to the month. Did Reading under-18's which didn't generate many steps so had to walk around Banjo Island before picking the boys up, just to get over the line.

Steps - 5,046   Distance - 2.6 miles

Friday 31st January

Same as yesterday really, not much to report. A few more steps as went on food shop this morning...

Steps - 7,599   Distance - 3.8 miles

Thursday 30th January

Just DX and shopping steps today after a busy ten days or so.

Steps - 5,564   Distance - 2.8 miles

Wednesday 29th January

Early walk to the Bird In Hand today to confirm the weight loss, two pounds off this week. Pleased with that, and delighted that after 2-3 weeks of low step numbers, I feel well enough to bring in some big numbers now - 112,000 in the last 11 days.


Steps - 16,736   Distance - 9.9 miles

Tuesday 28th January 

Another quiet day again today with just a walk around to McColls in the morning + going to Bath City game in the evening. Ended on 9,976 steps so walked around to get over the 10k mark. 

Steps - 10,001   Distance - 5.1 miles