One man's one year journey..... 

So what is "A Change Of Mart"?

It's a blog that originally started in July 2019 to follow my progress in losing weight. 

Who am I?

I'm Martin, a middle aged single parent that lives on the outskirts of Bristol. 

What's the picture of?

That's Ham Hill, overlooking the Somerset village of Stoke-sub-Hamdon. It's an Iron Age hill fort. a country park, a quarry and a nature reserve all in one.
I was born in the village that it overlooks and spent thousands of hours as a child playing up there. It's my favourite place in the world and it's my header image as it will act as an inspiration to me to get back to how I felt when I lived on the side of it; happy, healthy and fit. 
Oh, and there's a great pub up there, the Prince of Wales too! The ham, egg, chips & peas are to die for!

Why am I doing this?

Self-employed and working from home, for the last twenty years I've been overweight. And by overweight, I mean obese - I currently stand at around eight stone heavier than I should be!
As I've got older (I'm now 53), I've noticed some creaky bones and found I get out of breath and sweaty a lot earlier than previously. At that age, I'm also prone to heart disease, diabetes, certain forms of cancer and other issues so given that it will be more difficult the longer I leave it, it's time to start the change of Mart now!
I'm hoping that by sharing my thoughts, I can lose a shedload of weight as well as making my life more happy and fulfilled.

There's a blog on here then!

I've long been a believer that it's no good just eating less and exercising more as although that could work, the root "issues" remain untreated. My obesity is clearly down to eating too much and not exercising enough. I eat too much because I'm often unhappy and that feeling also prevents me from going out and exercising. Most of my "issues" around unhappiness come from finances (or a lack of them!), low self-esteem and over-sensitivity so if I can deal with those issues, it will help me generally.

How often will you be writing?

Most blogs start off like a train then slow down to a steadier pace and this will probably be the same. I hope to blog most days, more frequently about the fitness and less frequently about the wellness. 

So how can I help?

This isn't your normal blogging platform such as WordPress so interaction will be different. You can comment via my Twitter feed which is @hamdonmart and probably how you got here! Otherwise, there is also a CONTACT ME page where you can send more detailed feedback, it will all be welcomed. 
Many of my walks during the challenges are made along the Bristol to Bath cycle path and lots of others go through Bitton Station and on to Willsbridge Mill & Keynsham.
The two panels below are for the Avon Valley Railway, Bitton and the Bird In Hand pub at Saltford. They're just a shout out to two small local businesses that I have no connection with, but I feel have been an integral part of my walks.
Both businesses have given me permission to use the photos and create the links. Please visit them, they are great little places to visit, to eat and to spend time at. 
Opened in 1869 by the Midland Railway as a through-route between Birmingham and the South Coast, the line was later linked to the iconic Somerset & Dorset Railway. Closed under the Beeching Act of the 1960's, the Avon Valley Railway was preserved by an enthusiastic group of volunteers.

Today, more than forty years on, three miles of track has been relaid, locomotives & carriages have been restored and the sound of steam can, once more, be heard through the Avon Valley! Visit the website at
The "Bird In Hand" is a traditional village inn situated in the village of Saltford, just off the A4 between Bristol and Bath.  Here, you will find the unique atmosphere of a traditional English country pub and the warm friendly welcome that always goes with it.
They serve all that is best in traditional English food and drink to the highest standard. Enjoy your meal in the comfort of the bar or conservatory & they also have an area for young families. Visit the website at