The Wellness Blog is about everything else that isn't connected with fitness, but will make my life better.
I've long been a believer that the happier you are, the easier it would be to make changes to your life and make them work. But then, sometimes it has to be the other way around to kick things off. Wellness comprises many dimensions and even a quick Google offers up any number between five and twelve dimensions in total. There's emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, medical, financial, environmental, nutritional, spiritual, creative.... the list goes on and on. 
Back in the day, it would be called an holistic approach. Either way, it's looking at the root cause of issues then dealing with them and positively affecting other areas of your life. So for instance, getting yourself healthy and fit (as I aim to do) will make me more social, improve my emotional wellbeing and benefit me financially; I spend a fortune on the three C's - cakes, crisps and chocolate!
Much of it is common sense really but either way, there's no doubt that improving one area of your life can affect several others and vice versa too. As far as my personal dimensions are concerned, I'm going for the following seven, and will update this blog when I improve my wellness.

Physical  - the easiest one to define. I'm going to look very different losing eight stone, that's more than a third of my body weight!

Resources - finances basically. Money doesn't buy happiness but it helps ease people's everyday worries. Increase resources = decrease problems.

Occupational - employment. Getting more work in from different sources will help the "resources" for starters and make me feel more of a contributor to life.

Medical - goes without saying that shifting the weight will go a long way to improving my body and ward off dangerous stuff like heart disease, cancers etc.

Intellectual - it's common knowledge that one's mind is better if one's body is healthy so I look forward to raising my IQ. Self-improvement, innit? Training etc.

Social - I'm pretty social anyway but this will include relationships too, of which I don't have one! Would be nice though.

Emotional - the six above all combine to make the seventh one. I'd like to live life on an even keel mentally, rather than on a bloody rollercoaster!