Every good challenge has its targets, otherwise how will you know you've completed the challenge!

This challenge has two main targets.

One is to go a whole year and lose on average a kilo of weight per week. The important bit is "ON AVERAGE" as some weeks will be better than others and psychologically, I mustn't get down if I only lose half a kilo. So that target, if achieved, will see me lose 52kg, or 114.4 pounds in a year. In old money, that is eight stone two pounds. Phew!
So on Monday July 1st, I weighed in at 144.6kg, or 22 stone 10 pounds. Frightening the target will be 92.6kg or 14 stone 8 pounds in old money. I've not been that weight for at least thirty years, so quite a challenge. 

The second target is on steps. I'm not a fan of running but I do realise that walking is a strong exercise that most people can do. Quite a few people aim for 10k steps a day which is an awful lot for someone who rarely does any more than 2k-3k steps maximum. So to compromise, and make it realistic, my second target is to do 5k steps a day. That in itself is more than 1.8 million steps over the year long challenge, more than 1,000 miles of walking in other words.