BLOG 2021...

Week One - 1st January to 7th January 2021

Friday 1st - steady first walk back after 6 months off; Griffin/Warmley station route. 3.16 miles - 8,108 steps 
Saturday 2nd - old favourite, down to Bitton station & return. 2.11 miles - 7,886 steps
Sunday 3rd - yesterday's walk but the other way around & back via Barry Road. 2.38 miles - 5,458 steps
Monday 4th - Southway Drive, Mill Lane & return. 2.11 miles - 5,809 steps
Tuesday 5th - Biton station via Fieldsgrove House & return. 3.24 miles - 8,301 steps
Wednesday 6th - Bitton station via Barry Road & return. 2.30 miles -6,566 steps
Thursday 7th - Southway Drive, Mill Lane & return. 2.12 miles - 5,805 steps.

Total steps - 47,929 (average 6,847). Total miles - 17.42 (average 2.49)

Week Three - 15th January to 21st January 2021

Friday 15th - Southway Drive, Mill Lane & return. 2.05 miles - 6,939 steps
Saturday 16th - Bitton station & return. 2.08 miles - 6,043 steps
Sunday 17th - Southway Drive, Mill Lane & return. 2.07 miles - 7,053 steps
Monday 18th - Cowhorn Hill, Mill Lane, Southway Drive & return. 2.11 miles - 5,121 steps


Week Two - 8th January to 14th January 2021

Friday 8th - Bitton station via Barry Road & return. 2.30 miles - 6,668 steps
Saturday 9th - Bird In Hand, via Fieldsgrove & Barry Road on return. 6.30 miles - 13,466 steps
Sunday 10th - Southway Drive, Mill Lane & return. 2.11 miles - 5,859 steps
Monday 11th - Cadbury Heath & return. 2.09 miles - 8,428 steps
Tuesday 12th - Cann Lane to closure, Southway Drive & railway path. 2.41 miles - 5,672 steps
Wednesday 13th - Southway Drive, Mill Lane & return. 2.13 miles - 5,478 steps
Thursday 14th - Bitton station via Fieldsgrove House & return. 3.10 miles - 7,631 steps

Total steps - 53,202 (average 7,600). Total miles - 20.44 (average 2.92)

Friday 1st January 2021 - an update

I've had six months off now from the challenge and it's already time to get back on it again.

I'd always decided to have a break from the pressure of doing the steps target etc and after two months of working in Sainsbury's doing early morning shifts, it soon became apparent that I was going to struggle to continue. Not only were the 3am starts tiring, it was the complete disruption of the day before a shift & the day of the shift. Basically spent four or five days a week shattered, hence I couldn't force myself out to walk. The job was picking orders which sounds easy enough and most of the time it was. I ended up doing around 7,000-9,000 steps per shift but it was all short, twisty movements which put pressure on my knees to the point where I was struggling towards the end of a shift. That also went some way to me feeling like I couldn't go out for a walk and hence the leisure walking stopped completely as a result. 

The knee issues meant that unfortunately, I was unable to complete the "Mikey's Walk" in September. It was a tough ask anyway for a normal, fit person but for someone that has knee problems right now and also possibly extensor tendonitis in my feet, it would have been daft to try to walk 21 miles. I'd end up in a heap at the side of a busy road and more of a hindrance than a help. So having originally planned to walk it solo anyway because of work commitments, I didn't walk it all, which was disappointing. 

The job and the injuries, combined with my lack of willpower and decision not to worry too much about what I ate, means that now on January 1st, I've weighed in at 22 stone 4 pounds. That's an increase of four stone, ten pounds in just six months and puts me back almost to the beginning of my journey. I'm quite confident that I can shift this new found weight off again. I need a new target so am thinking of trying to get down to 15 stone exactly by the end of 2021. That means a further loss of 7 stone 4 pounds in twelve months, tricky but achievable especially as the first stone could come off quite quickly.

We'll see how it goes but another reason for getting back on the horse, so to speak, is my mental health. While I'm far from a sufferer of any serious MH issues, I do feel a lot worse these days now I've lost the benefit of going out for a walk along the cycle path. To be honest, even in lockdown, the path wasn't a great place to be as it was sometimes too busy to enjoy. That's great in the bigger picture but selfishly from my personal point of view, I just couldn't enjoy the last few weeks of walking on there. I'm hoping that now the kids are back at school and people are returning to work gradually, it will become a slightly more peaceful, less aggressive place to walk.

As someone that spends a lot of time in front of a PC, I genuinely enjoyed the break from it all and the ability to walk in a field, along the cycle path, beside a river, climbing a hill etc.  So all in all, it's back to "business as normal", I hope. Will try to update the blog regularly and am determined to get the 5k steps every day too. Thanks for following, and let's hope the weight starts falling back off again soon. 

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